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Angular Nation

Shai Reznik - Misko Hevery

Have you seen Qwik in action yet? If not, here's your chance! We've invited the Father of Qwik, aka the Father of Angular, Misko Hevery himself to show us what he built. As a HUGE bonus, we also invited one of our favorite teachers, Shai Reznik of HiRez.io fame. Sit back, buckle up, and prepare for a wild ride into the future of VERY FAST web pages!.

Build IT Better

This Dot Media

Build it Better is a podcast that focuses on advanced architecture and web development. In each episode, experts in these fields share their insights and knowledge on the latest technologies, techniques, and trends in the industry.

Bundling: Qwik

Misko Hevery

Bundling: Qwik + Slow networks => Fast interaction

JS Poland

Misko Hevery

QWIK - Set of great demos by Misko Hevery.

Learn with Jason

Jason Learns - Misko Hevery

Qwik lets us build resumable apps by requiring nearly zero JavaScript for pages to become interactive + fine-grained lazy loading to only load what's used. Miško Hevery will teach us how to get started..

Modern Web

ThisDot Labs

Modern Web is a podcast that explores next generation frameworks, standards, and techniques.